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Lessons learned

On: August 31st, 2010 | Number of Comments » 0

Last week, this Mama made a break for it!  I ran away for 3 days with my BFF from waaaaay back.  Don’t worry, it was a planned escape, and as you can tell I came back.  I had a training for work in the Washington DC area and I did NOT want to fly.  Tim [...]

The Weenie Houdini. Alternately: Free Willy

On: August 19th, 2010 | Number of Comments » 1

Oh my heavens, my son has apparently been studying Houdini in his spare time.  This boy can figure out a way to get hid diaper off in any given clothing situation.  And really, what are diapers if not a straightjacket for your privates? It all started in regular footie zip-up pajamas.  We noticed he would [...]

These are the Droid (apps) you’ve been looking for

On: August 12th, 2010 | Number of Comments » 5

I have read lots and lots of articles and blog posts about what apps every parent needs on their iPhone.  The apps do seem pretty sweet, but here are the two things 1) I don’t have an iPhone.  I am deep into my love affair with my Droid.  And 2) My toddlers are not old/advanced/patient enough to use [...]