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Pudding Monsters

On: November 20th, 2010 | Number of Comments » 1

Hey James, how do you like the chocolate pudding? Oh wow!  You like it so much you’re wearing it! Hey, Em, you like it too!  But you seem to be wearing an awful LOT of pudding… It looks as if you almost ate it with… hey, WAIT A MINUTE! You are caught RED-HANDED, Missy! I [...]

Two Year Old Party Animals!

On: November 18th, 2010 | Number of Comments » 0

As promised, here but late – birthday party!  This is what a wild and crazy two-year-old birthday party looks like… We must be cool, ’cause the BIG KIDS came to our party! Two of our twin friends, Madison and Morgan came to celebrate with us.  They are excellent play-ers and obviously super cool since they’re [...]

Coming soon…

On: November 14th, 2010 | Number of Comments » 1

… to a blog near you, new posts.  I swear they are coming soon.  I want to tell you about E&J’s 2nd birthday party, Halloween and some other fun stuff, but I need the pictures to go along with the stories or I may bore even myself to death. So until then, a couple of [...]