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Just a little story

On: February 24th, 2011 | Number of Comments » 1

I want to share a story with you really quickly.  I don’t want this space to be any place where you feel preached at or uncomfortable – but I have to share with you something that is amazing. A blogger I read, Love (that’s her name, how cool is that??) has a son who was [...]

Get a haircut, and get a real job!

On: February 19th, 2011 | Number of Comments » 1

Sorry for the abysmal posting recently here on the site.  We’ve left you high a dry since Christmas.  Maybe you thought we all got stuck in the Christmas spirit and pretended we were in the movie Groundhog Day, only with Christmas day. …okay, so you probably didn’t really think that.  We did kind of get stuck in [...]