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November 18th, 2010

Two Year Old Party Animals!

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As promised, here but late – birthday party!  This is what a wild and crazy two-year-old birthday party looks like…

We must be cool, ’cause the BIG KIDS came to our party!

Two of our twin friends, Madison and Morgan came to celebrate with us.  They are excellent play-ers and obviously super cool since they’re Buckeye fans!

Now THIS is what we’re talkin’ about!  It’s cake time, baby!!

And it was darn yummy cake too!  And nothing goes with cake as well as Deitsch’s ice cream.  If you haven’t had it, it’s time to make your way to Findlay, Ohio.  No, now.  Get up.  Get your shoes on.  It’s worth it, trust me.

So, I’m just getting this “fork thing” down, sometimes it’s not so easy.

Heehee, maybe if I smile really sweetly, no one will notice that I got cake in my hair.

You mean I am allowed to tear this pretty paper up?!  Best day EVER!

Aunt Cassie… Grandma… keep those presents comin’!

Maybe if I sit on this big present, people will forget about it and I can keep it aaaaalllllllllll to myself!

See how hard we’re thinking?  We’re coming up with messes and crazy things we can do with THIS!

Aaaaaand, Aunt Cassie just hit her sugar high.  Break it down, Aunt Cassie!!

Aunt Kellllllllllly, I seeeeeeee you!

Haha!  You crack me up!

It was a much smaller and lower-key birthday party than the year one extravaganza.  But we still had an amazing time.  Thanks to those of you who come out to spend the special day with us!  And those of you who were thinking about our family on J&E’s birthday, thank you too!  We could feel your love!

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