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March 17th, 2011


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It was a beautiful day today, one of those first 70 degree days with bright sunshine that serve as reminders that, even though we live in Ohio, spring has to come eventually.  And even though Daylight Savings Time severely messed with our bedtime/wake-up routines, we would take advantage of the sunlight hours after work and play in the back yard for the first time in a looooong time!

At first Emma and James just kind of followed me around the yard as I checked out our black raspberry bush, bamboo plants and the site for the vegetable garden.  That is, until Daddy brought out the balls and wagon to play with!  Then it was a kicking, running, throwing, climbing whirlwind!  It was actually a lot of fun to spend and hour or so out there before dinner and watch the kids play.  And James officially earned his first grass stains ever!

Look Emmy, this door makes getting in the wagon really convenient.  I’ll show you!

Yay!  We both have a seat!

Faster, Daddy!  Mush!  Mush!!

No, Mommy!!  I do NOT want to go inside!

Me either, Mommy!  I’m not getting out of this wagon!  What?  It’s dinner time?  Okay, I’m coming!

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