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March 30th, 2011

Toddler Food

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So yeah, food.  I think I probably blog too much about toddlers and food, but it is always at the forefront of my mind.  I have a very very picky 9 year old to feed who would rather poke herself in the eyeball with a rusty fork than eat a green bean or anything “exotic” (but guess who tried a blueberry? *dies of shock*).  Plus with the potential for future battle with the bulge, I want to give Emma and James the best possible foot forward.

So the thing Tim and I try to do the most is continue to eat a variety of foods and offer it to the twins to try.  We know their standby favorite and we enjoy a spaghetti dinner night too, but sometimes we like different stuff.  Most of the time I anticpate that I will put a plate in front of them, promptly recieve the toddler stink-eye and then go find the cheese and crackers.  But every once in a while they surprise me.

Last night Tim made dirty rice with kielbasa coins for dinner (can I get a woot woot for a yummy dinner not made by me?)  I figured the little bit of “kick” the dirty rice had would be enough to stop J&E in their tracks.  But… but! Emma ate 3 or 4 bites of rice and kieldbasa before she gave up and wanted something else.  James ate all of his meat and probably half his rice!  I was so so proud!  New foods!  Different foods!  (And James has now proven his track record for liking spicy foods.  The boy can put down some chips and salsa!)

So to go along with their orange segments and milk, Emma had a PB&J.  And since I think James is going through a growth spurt right now, he demanded one too.

Hooray!  I ate good AND got a PB&J!

Guess who just destroyed her sandwich?

And guess who got their behinds dumped into the bathtub to clean that mess up?

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