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June 9th, 2011

In the summertime…

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The official start to summer was, for the first time in a LONG time, crazy hot in Ohio.   It was over 90 degrees with mostly full bright sunshine the whole time.  My parents came to visit for the long weekend and it was the perfect summer weekend.   Food from the grill, smell of just-cut grass, popsicles that melt too fast, and… playing outside in the water.

The previous weekend was pretty warm too, so we set the sprinkler up in the yard for the kids to play in.  Mackenzie, being almost ten, is well acquainted with the awesome fun of jumping through the sprinkler.  James was tentative at first, only going up to the edge of the spray, but getting into it when Mackenzie jumped through with him.  Emma, on the other hand, would not even leave the back deck.  In fact, when Tim got out the hose to fill up the baby pool, she clung to me for dear life (still on the deck) and screamed her fool head off.   Once the hose was off, she approached the baby pool with much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (since there was no one left on  the deck to play with) but eventually would dip her hands in and splash around.   James would stand in the pool, but refused to sit.

The next weekend with Grandma and Pawpaw present, both kids were brave little rockstars.  It was so flippin’ hot, I think they needed the cool-down from the water.  We couldn’t stay out long since we are all pretty pale folks, but both kids loved the baby pool.  We had the hose out to spray people (*hand up* okay just me) when they got too hot.  For whatever reason, that still freaked Em out, even though no one was spraying her.  We quickly discovered that she was juuuuuuuust fine with the hose if SHE got to hold it.  She would spray down anyone who asked and even sprayed herself.  Not like she wants to be the boss or anything.  *cough cough*

But thanks to Grandma and Pawpaw, we had a stellar start to summer 2011 and some wonderful pictures to prove it!

It takes mad concentration to step into the pool unassisted.  Tongue out = Emma concentrating.

The familial paleness cannot be denied with this one.  But how cute are the lizard swim trunks?  Or as James calls them, “Dino Swims!”

Emma, Queen of the Hose.

Filling this wagon with random crap is tiring!   Hey, Em, bring that hose over here!!

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