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August 1st, 2012

Hello? Is anyone out there?

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Yikes, a long abandoned blog.   I’ll just say adding the “then some” to our “twindom” has made life just a little busy.   And every time I think of something I would like to share, I get overwhelmed with explaining how long I have been absent and whether or not I have the time/energy/brain-power to write an interesting post.

But, in the spirit of “Something is better than nothing!” today begins a challenge to post at least one picture a day here.  The ultimate goal is for a year, but in the short term, I am shooting for a month.  Sometimes there will be a story attached, sometimes not.  More than likely they will have been taken with my cell phone.  Just a little snippet of our daily lives.

This past Sunday, E&J headed with Daddy and big sis to go see Grandma while Mama and A took a little day trip to Cincinnati.  We got to visit with my college sorority sister Erin and meet Chris Colfer (Kurt, of Glee fame) and have him sign our copy of his book.   Addie was a hit, of course, because she is super cute.   I think she should be Chris’ new book model, what do you think?

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