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Morning Converstaion

On: April 1st, 2011 | In: Uncategorized

James was admiring/ playing with the sequins on my shirt this morning.

Me: “They’re sparkles.”
James: “Oooooh, sharkles.”

I think I officially like the word “sharkles” better.

Toddler Food

On: March 30th, 2011 | In: Uncategorized

So yeah, food.  I think I probably blog too much about toddlers and food, but it is always at the forefront of my mind.  I have a very very picky 9 year old to feed who would rather poke herself in the eyeball with a rusty fork than eat a green bean or anything “exotic” (but guess who tried a blueberry? *dies of shock*).  Plus with the potential for future battle with the bulge, I want to give Emma and James the best possible foot forward.

So the thing Tim and I try to do the most is continue to eat a variety of foods and offer it to the twins to try.  We know their standby favorite and we enjoy a spaghetti dinner night too, but sometimes we like different stuff.  Most of the time I anticpate that I will put a plate in front of them, promptly recieve the toddler stink-eye and then go find the cheese and crackers.  But every once in a while they surprise me.

Last night Tim made dirty rice with kielbasa coins for dinner (can I get a woot woot for a yummy dinner not made by me?)  I figured the little bit of “kick” the dirty rice had would be enough to stop J&E in their tracks.  But… but! Emma ate 3 or 4 bites of rice and kieldbasa before she gave up and wanted something else.  James ate all of his meat and probably half his rice!  I was so so proud!  New foods!  Different foods!  (And James has now proven his track record for liking spicy foods.  The boy can put down some chips and salsa!)

So to go along with their orange segments and milk, Emma had a PB&J.  And since I think James is going through a growth spurt right now, he demanded one too.

Hooray!  I ate good AND got a PB&J!

Guess who just destroyed her sandwich?

And guess who got their behinds dumped into the bathtub to clean that mess up?

The “NO” stage

On: March 22nd, 2011 | In: Uncategorized

There sure are plenty of joys being a Mom of Twins.  The holding of each other’s hand, the quirky mirror movements when they’re babies, the playing together, giving each other kisses.  And we expect the challenges – sleep deprivation, expense of diapering/feeding two babies at once, etc.  I even expect the challenges common with new developmental stages – like the terrible two’s.  One thing I didn’t anticipate was how differently each kid would challenge me.

Both James and Emma are firmly in the “NO!” stage.  But they go about things so so differently.  James thinks “no!” is a game.  When you ask him to do something he is about 50-50 between doing it and happily accepting the praise, and giving you a sly smile and hollering “NO!” before he runs away.  He’ll usually stop after a few feet to turn back around and grin at you.  To him, saying no is fun.

Emma, on the other hand, either does what you ask, or she throws epic meltdowns.  Getting dressed in the mornings, to Emma, is tantamount to being stabbed with hot pokers.  Snot running, face streaking, kicking screaming fits.  What makes this all the much more painful for me is that her “no” is almost always a screamed, “No, Mommy!” no matter who is doing the changing/diapering/feeding etc.  I rationally know that she probably just started using that phrase with me and it became a habit that “Mommy” always follows “no.”  But I can’t deny that it stings a little that so much of her negative experiences come with my name on her tongue.

So I need to come up with my ways of dealing with two totally different versions of this stage of toddler-hood.  So far, the only things I have come up with is to call in the reenforcements when I am starting to get too frustrated.  Any other ideas?



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It was a beautiful day today, one of those first 70 degree days with bright sunshine that serve as reminders that, even though we live in Ohio, spring has to come eventually.  And even though Daylight Savings Time severely messed with our bedtime/wake-up routines, we would take advantage of the sunlight hours after work and play in the back yard for the first time in a looooong time!

At first Emma and James just kind of followed me around the yard as I checked out our black raspberry bush, bamboo plants and the site for the vegetable garden.  That is, until Daddy brought out the balls and wagon to play with!  Then it was a kicking, running, throwing, climbing whirlwind!  It was actually a lot of fun to spend and hour or so out there before dinner and watch the kids play.  And James officially earned his first grass stains ever!

Look Emmy, this door makes getting in the wagon really convenient.  I’ll show you!

Yay!  We both have a seat!

Faster, Daddy!  Mush!  Mush!!

No, Mommy!!  I do NOT want to go inside!

Me either, Mommy!  I’m not getting out of this wagon!  What?  It’s dinner time?  Okay, I’m coming!

James’ First Haircut

On: March 14th, 2011 | In: Uncategorized

Hey, this is the famous (or is it infamous) FoxTwins Daddy.  I’m taking over the blog tonight and stepping out from the shadows to post a video I had floating around on my cell phone.  I’ve been wanting to post it for awhile, but didn’t want to split it up due to it being 14 minutes long and YouTube only allowing 10 minute video’s.

On that note, YouTube just increased the time limit to 15 minutes.  So now I can post the whole thing without having to split it up.

Without further adieu, here is James getting his first haircut.

Big Announcement!

On: March 8th, 2011 | In: Uncategorized

Emma & James are excited to announce that they are going to be a big sister and big brother!!  Mackenzie will reprise her role as elder stateswoman of the Fox siblings.  Peanut will join the motley crew in September!

Highs and Lows

On: March 7th, 2011 | In: Uncategorized

High – Tim took me to Don Pablos for dinner Saturday night.  (Does it count as date night if two two-year olds and sippy cups were involved?)

Low – We had a drive an hour to get there.

High – Queso dip and fajitaaaaaaaaas.

Low – So much queso dip and fajitas I could hardly walk back to the car.

High – I got to take nice naps both Saturday and Sunday.

Low – Absolutely no housework got done because I was otherwise occupied (aka napping).

High – It had been raining continuously ala Noah-style, so I was hoping it would stop raining.  It did.

Low – It freaking snowed instead.

How was your weekend?

Just a little story

On: February 24th, 2011 | In: Uncategorized

I want to share a story with you really quickly.  I don’t want this space to be any place where you feel preached at or uncomfortable – but I have to share with you something that is amazing.

A blogger I read, Love (that’s her name, how cool is that??) has a son who was born in Uganda.  His coming home story is beautiful and amazing and you can see it on her website.  She is passionate about caring for orphans and recently went back to Uganda to do more work for the orphans of that country.  She shared stories and amazing photos of her time there, including her visit to a boy’s prison.

She shared more about the prison here and asked for help to bring basic necessities to these kids.  If you know me at all, you know that I love God, but I get so so frustrated sometimes by “the church.”  I feel so passionately that when God asked us to take care of the people around us, he didn’t want us to just sit back and preach at them, but to actually take care of them.   Help them get what they need, physically.  Food, medical care, warmth in the cold, basic sanitation, education.  It’s not about convincing them that we’re right about God, it’s about showing them that NO MATTER WHAT THEY BELIEVE, that we love them because God asked us to.   Anyway, I’ll climb down from my soapbox now…

So Love asked for people to share to help these boys.  Will it fix the all the problems?  No.  But it could help one.  And that’s the only way to get things fixed… one at a time.  Today, she updated her readers.  Just look what has happened!

I commented this on her blog, but I wanted to share it here too.  “How amazing it is when we get to be something bigger than ourselves?  Problems seem so so overwhelming and it is easy to feel so incredibly small.  But look at what happens when lots of “small” people can join together!  BIG THINGS!  Don’t you think this is why God so badly wants all Christians to be united?  Who cares about the stupid dogmatic differences between denominations or whatever?  Who cares when you see what we can do TOGETHER!”

And honestly, even if it’s not about God for you, isn’t it amazing to see the world become just a tiny bit brighter?

If you want, check out the organization Sixty Feet and see all that they are doing.

Get a haircut, and get a real job!

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Sorry for the abysmal posting recently here on the site.  We’ve left you high a dry since Christmas.  Maybe you thought we all got stuck in the Christmas spirit and pretended we were in the movie Groundhog Day, only with Christmas day.

…okay, so you probably didn’t really think that.  We did kind of get stuck in Christmas if you count that I didn’t take the Christmas tree down till at least the beginning of February.  (And don’t tell anyone, but the mantle decorations are still up.   Shhhhh….)

We did have a couple wicked winter storms roll though, one (Icepocalypse) that knocked out our power for a day or so, which was unpleasant at best.  Also a couple rounds of barking cough of doom, a double ear infection for Daddy, noses running like faucets… well, you get the unpleasant picture.  Not to make excuses, but I was hiding under my blankie from the past month and totally ignoring this little corner of the interwebs.

For Valentine’s weekend, we decided to go visit G&G and get a little prettying up while we were in town.  For James, it was about time to get that first haircut!

Okay, maybe a little past due.  But… but… my baby!

I thought James would want to sit on my lap, but he climbed right up into the chair with a booster seat like an old pro and was surrounded by flashes and video cameras that would put the paparazzi to shame.

He was so so good during the haircut!  He didn’t cry or fuss even a tiny bit.  It didn’t hurt that our stylist, Tanya, is super pretty and we all know how big of a flirt James is!

What also doesn’t hurt?  Candy.

I’m just contemplating how handsome I am going to look after this pampering.

Yeah, okay, I know Daddy said he wanted my first haircut to be a mohawk, but really??  Please say we’re not done!

Whew!  No mohawk (this time) and I am one haaaaandsome devil!

Emma had her turn where we trimmed her one long piece of hair was way longer than the rest and was always falling in her eyes.  She was only in the chair for 2 or 3 minutes, but she was a wonderful “patient” as well.  Candy bribery works!

It was also time for annual-ish Mama major haircut/ hair donation.   This is right before I jammed Tanya’s scissors and she had to break out the hedge trimmers to chop off my pony tail.

Forgive the appalling lack of makeup.  Here is the triumphant Mama sans pony tail.

Even Mackenzie got a few minutes in Tanya’s chair to shape up her ‘do!

Sorry for not having more “after” photos, but we all had a wonderful time getting prettied up and all looked a heck lot better on the way out than the way in!

Christmas Morn!

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Yeah, we’re behind in showing you our Christmas morning photos.  But I maintain that it is still the “Christmas season” until I take my tree down.  And now that I have an artificial tree it may well be March before Christmas ends at the FoxTwins house!

Holy piles of presents, batman!  And this wasn’t even a quarter of the presents.  Grandma starts shopping for Christmas on December 26 (and I am not even exaggerating one tiny bit).

James starts in on his first present.  He finally “gets” this whole opening presents thing.

Emma can tear that paper too!

But the best part of opening presents?

Is grabbing all the presents out of the box and winging them over you head!  SO FUN!

Emma LOVES her new baby from Aunt Cassie (even if the baby has more hair than her).

Loooooove the baby.

James love his baby too.  And his sweet cowboy boot slippers (that Mama kinda wishes came in grown up sizes).

I think Mackenzie may have figured out the identity of her big present.

I think she likes it.

Thanks for the crate full of awesome presents, Aunt Cassie!  Now I have filled it with awesome ME!

Oh man, I am BURIED in presents!  Best.  Day.  Ever.

Opening all these gifts sure can zap your energy.  Time for a snack break!

Maxin’ and relaxin’ on the couch with cousin Aidan.

Mackenzie + ever-present Diet Dr Pepper box = Dr Peppinator!

Christmas HUG!

Grandma, isn’t this day so great?!

Daddy loves his Star Wars shirt from his kiddies!

That is a look that only a sister can give.

Emma LOVES reading books, and even more when it’s with her Aunt Cassie.

Okay, I love my new undies, but seriously!  How do these suckers work??

Mamaaaaaaa, enough of the KISSES!

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